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We offer a number of benefits to our policyholders Makes managing their home insurance simple and possible.


Contents: ( as specified by you ):

Furniture, furnishing&clothings ( Excluding valuables ), radio and television aerials, satellite dishes, their fittings and masts which are attached to the home, interior secorations.

Accidental death :( Anywhere in the world )

Buildings ( as specified by you ) : The structure of private residance including :

  • Outbuildings used for domestic purpose.
  • Fixture, fittings and decorative finishes.
  • Swimming pools, tennis hard courts, garden walls, Patios, terraces, hedges, fences and gates.


Jewelry, perciou, stones, silver, watches, works of Arts .., furs, musical instruments belonging to the isured or any member of his family).

Personal Liability:

  • Liability Towards The Owner Of the Building (If the insured is tenant not owner).
  • Liability Towards Third Party ( If the insured is owner or occupier of the building).
  • Landlord's liability ( If the Insured is owner not occupier of the building).

Alternative Accommodation and Loss of Rent.

Contents Temporarily Removed.

Architects & surveyor fees.

Removal of debris.

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Home Insurance Details
(All Amounts are in EGP)

  • Default Deductible amount: 500 EGP

  • Liability (Includes liability towards owner of the building and liability towards third party): 100,000 EGP

  • Accidental death (Anywhere in the world) : Insured 50,000 / Spouse 50,000

  • Alternative Accommodation: 2,000 per month for max. 3 months.

  • Contents temporary moving: 25% of contents value.

  • Debris Removal: 5% of buildings & contents value.

  • Architects & surveyor fees: 5% of buildings value.

  • Loss of rent: 10,000 for maxiumium 3 months.

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